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All our activities are safe for the whole famility, A professional is active at all activities and will guide you. Please browse our activities below and select your activity.


Horse back riding is our forte activity. Book a morning or afternoon ride with us and set off in the Golden Gate Highlands on horse back adventure.


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You will be required to sign an indemnity before you will be able to participate in any activities at Bokpoort Cowboy Ranch

1. All activities are at your own risk. Bokpoort and it's staff will not be held liable for any theft, damage, injury or death due to neglegance on or off of the Bokpoort property. All rights are reserved. 

2. Bokpoort Reserves the right to stop any activity and retain your payment due to neglegance or if a dangererous situation  presents itself.
3. Safety gear and equipment will be provided for you with all activities. You reserve the right to make use of these items at your own discretion.