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Mountain Bike, Hiking & Running Trials

Grab your bike, or your gear and hit the trails at Bokpoort. We have mountain bike and running trails that span as long as 30 kilometers. Get out into the country mountenous serroundings and indulge in clean air excersize.


R50 per person per day

Our air is clean, our grounds are tough, but have you got what it takes to hike, climb and clamber our terrain? We have hiking trails surrounding Bokpoort and stratch as far as 30 km.


R100 per person per day

Bring your bikes, put on your gear and hit our trails. Great fun for everyone. Remember your safety equipment. You decide the distance.


1. All activities are at your own risk. Bokpoort and it's staff will not be held liable for any theft, damage, injury or death due to negligence on or off of the Bokpoort property. All rights are reserved. 

2. Bokpoort Reserves the right to stop any activity and retain your payment due to negligence or if a dangerous situation  presents itself and is determined by us.
3. Safety gear and equipment will be provided for you with all activities. You reserve the right to make use of these items at your own discretion.